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Using Tingsha bells to relieve mental stress and anxiety

tingsha bells

If you’d like to try sound healing on yourself, get a pair of Tingsha bells and enjoy the resonant ‘ting’ you create as they gently bang together. Here’s how it can help your mental health and general energy flow…

Tingsha bells, made from bronze and originating in Tibet, are like mini cymbals that you knock together to create a beautiful ‘ting’ sound.

As you practice this, focusing on the swing and the angle required to create a lovely, resonant sound, all else drops away.

It requires total focus, which is perhaps why Tingsha bells are believed to reduce anxiety and stress.

If you’re sat at a desk working all day, this practice could create an opportunity for stepping away from the screen and having a mindful musical moment.

While dinging the bells together, you could ask for guidance on a challenge you’re facing and see what solution drops in, as you surrender the stress and create space for new ideas.

Here’s an example of the sound you can create using Tingsha bells.

There is also a healing therapy you can receive using Tingsha bells called ‘toning’, whereby a practitioner plays the bells while you lie or sit in rest, absorbing the sound.

Traditionally, this was believed to purify the body’s ‘chi’ (energy) and cleanse the chakras (energy points in your body).

So you can invest in your own set of bells – these ones from The Little Tibet look quite beautiful – or you can seek out a sound healer who offers Tingsha toning.

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