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SQ (spiritual intelligence) and how raising yours can lead to more joy, magic and success

raise your SQ spiritual intelligence

Annie Ridout, founder of Raise your SQ, is delighted to announce that her book on SQ (spiritual intelligence) will be published by Radar Books in May 2023. Here’s how the book deal came about and what it will help you with…

Words: Annie Ridout

Two years ago, I had an idea for a book. I’d been using tarot cards to help me make business decisions, calling on deities to support me as I launched new products and I carried gemstones with me wherever I went (like a comfort object).

These spiritual tools made my work-life so much more fun. They helped me to focus, believe in myself and to keep going when times were tough (in the pandemic). So I wanted to write a book sharing these tools. A coaching book with a spiritual twist.

Basically, I wanted to teach people how to raise their SQ (spiritual intelligence) because while I was raised in a spiritual home and so this all came very naturally to me, I knew that for others it was new. So I started working on a book proposal.

I will spare you the details of what happened next but it was a long process. However, I just knew this book had be out in the world so I kept going with it. Visualising, intention-setting, using mantras and affirmations, magic spells, incantations.

And, of course, working really hard on the proposal.

It should be noted that manifesting is not about clicking your fingers and getting the book deal. It’s about being clear on what you want, working really hard, keeping the faith, working even harder, staying hopeful, and then being patient.

I was just about to give up on the whole thing – I’d relocated, had three kids to look after, was running my business, selling poetry books, doing a market stall – but then I found the perfect agent for me. We started working together and shortly after, she found the perfect publisher – and editor – for this book.

So I am thrilled to now be able to announce that Radar Books, an Octopus imprint, will publish my next book – Raise your SQ: How to use the magic of spiritual intelligence to unlock more joy and success in May 2023.

I’ve been working hard behind the scenes, on the book, and I can’t wait to share all the spiritual stories – my own and other entrepreneurs’ – plus loads of tools, exercises and magical objects to help you create your own spiritual toolkit.

The moral of this story: be clear on what you want, visualise it, note it down, feel it in your body, use spiritual tools to help you stay clear and focused – keep going, keep going, keep going… and watch what happens.

If you’d like to pre-order a copy, you can do that on Amazon, or Waterstones. All pre-orders count towards the first week of sales, which helps to get the book onto bestseller lists. If that happens, it can reach more people and help more people to connect with their spirituality, themselves – and the world.

So thank you, in advance, to anyone who kindly orders the book. I’m so excited to see the ways this book helps people to think and work differently. I’ve already had women use the tools I’m going to share in the book and say it has transformed their lives.


Here’s the blurb –

Raise Your SQ: How to use the Magic of Spiritual Intelligence to Unlock More Joy and Success

Ushering in a new era – where business is done on different terms – Raise Your SQ: How to use the Magic of Spiritual Intelligence to Unlock More Joy and Success will redefine what purpose and balance, at work and home, means to us all.

Structured through goals, routines and exercises, Raise Your SQ will draw on Annie’s own experience of how raising her spiritual intelligence transformed her work life, from scrimping and saving each month, to creating a six-figure business from scratch.

We spend one third of our waking lives working, and with so many of us looking for more meaning at work, it’s time we had a resource to turn to.

Embodying a new way of living and working, this book will enable you to reach for your goals, help you find better balance, creative solutions and more joy.

Raise Your SQ will help you unlock the potential of an intelligence you didn’t know you possessed.

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