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Focus (online coaching course)

One of the greatest challenges we face is finding a focus. Once we know what work we need to be doing, and we feel focused, the magic starts to happen. This is a short, snappy series of four online workshops on focus. You can listen to the audio or read the text. There are questions, prompts and insights. And you can work entirely in your own time. It’s a really flexible way to receive coaching. By the end of the course, you should be feeling clear-headed, focused and excited about next steps.

To access this course, become a paid subscriber on my Raise your SQ Substack (£7/month) and you’ll get the course delivered to via email – one email a week for four weeks.


“Having ‘focus’ is a highly underestimated element of health.” Dr Louise Lagendijk

This four-week online course will help you to work out what you’d like your life to look like, where your focus should be – in terms of your time, energy, work – and also, how to get moving with that One Big Dream.

It might be that you’d like to land a book deal, have a solo art exhibition, get 20 clients signed up in one go or create a wholesome work-life balance. Whatever it is, I’ll help you to get clear on what you’d like, when you’d like it by and how to make it happen (incremental, realistic steps, always).

So I’m covering short-term focus (to make your days feel more buoyant, exciting and high energy) as well as long-term focus.

And I’ll be bringing in some manifesting techniques and SQ (spiritual intelligence) rituals to keep things feeling magical and powerful, as you hone in on what it is that you want to be doing, feeling, achieving and being.

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If you’d like more details…

Module one: Everyday focus (what you should be doing with your time).

Module two: The One Big Dream (that amazing thing you dream of making happen).

Module three: Manifesting it (four manifestation techniques to help with focus and self-belief).

Module four: Raise your SQ (five SQ rituals that will bring in the magic and fill you with hope).


  • Start date: Thursday 7th September 2023.
  • Length: Four weeks.
  • Access: Become a paid subscriber on my Raise your SQ Substack (£7/month) and you’ll get the course delivered to via email – one email a week for four weeks.

About me

I’m Annie Ridout. A trained, qualified and experienced life and career coach.

I’ve worked with thousands of women over the past few years, through online courses and one-to-one coaching, and I’ve loved watching them transform from feeling unsure (but ready for change) to flying. Big things can happen when you feel seen, heard and encouraged. I can be that person for you.

The coaching is one side of my career. On the other side, I’m a writer (author, journalist and poet).

My latest book is called Raise your SQ: Transform Your Life with Spiritual Intelligence (Radar, 2023) and it’s all about finding more meaning, focus, connection and magic in your life. It’s packed with coaching exercises, as well as rituals and practices you can try at home.

Before that, I wrote Shy (Fourth Estate, 2021), which reframed shyness as an attribute, rather than a flaw. I studied huge research papers and interviewed dozens of psychologists and psychotherapists, as well as successful shy people, to prove that shyness is not something you need to overcome.

So if you are shy, or introverted (different traits, but with some crossover), please know that I will meet you exactly where you are. You won’t be expected to become more outgoing or confident or to do anything that doesn’t feel comfortable for you. I get you, because I’m one of you.

My first book, The Freelance Mum (Fourth Estate, 2019), was a guide to freelancing while raising young children. I have three of my own children – now aged nine, six and three – and fully understand the challenges that may arise when you’re working and having parenting responsibilities, too.

I’m also a freelance journalist for the Independent, Guardian, Telegraph, Grazia, Stylist, Red, Forbes and more. And I share my poetry on Instagram, where it often goes viral and has been shared by the likes of Paloma Faith and Busy Philipps, amongst thousands of others.

I’ve grown a following of 21,000+ on my personal Instagram, nearly 10,000 on my poetry account, as well as two Facebook groups of 700 (one for writing; one for coaching). I know how to create content that people actually want to see, and how to then create products and services that will appeal to that community.

Through my business courses and consultancy, I have:

      • Helped a hypnotherapy app to grow from 0 subscribers to 60,000.
      • Taught female founders how to create online courses that have earned them £100,000/year.
      • Created and edited press pitches that have got freelancers/business owners featured in the Guardian, Forbes, Stylist, the Daily Mail, Woman’s Hour, Red Magazine and top industry-specific publications.

As a coach, I can’t ever guarantee you specific results but I can guarantee that you’ll glow under the light I will shine on you. I’m endlessly curious about people, which is why I became a journalist, and then coach – and you will feel truly listened to, and understood.

Annie x