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A tale of ignoring perfectionism and just hitting ‘go’

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During the pandemic, I had this idea to teach people about spirituality.

I wanted to share ideas for raising your SQ (spiritual quotient/intelligence).

Because incorporating spiritual practices into my own work/home life was making me so much happier.

I felt more focused, calmer and as if life was just full of magic, waiting to be explored.

So I started putting together a book proposal and sending it out to people.

It was a long, complicated and often demoralising journey.

But just as I was about to give up, I met the perfect agent, Megan Staunton at @Bergstrom Studio.

Megan me to the perfect publisher for my book on SQ, Radar Books.

And I now have the most amazing editor there – Briony Gowlett – who deserves an award for the way she gives feedback.

As soon as this all happened, I felt clearer on my path.

So I launched this website, to complement the book, and an Instagram account.

But my brilliant sister – Lauren Davies, founder of Heka – who often does my branding, was too busy to help.

So I gave it a go myself.

I really wanted to launch the platform and an Instagram account but I needed a logo, so I designed it.

In business, I always recommend that people (like me) who aren’t designers, get it done professionally.

But I also had a strong urge to just start creating content.

So I decided to get going, knowing that I could improve the branding in time.

A back-to-front approach but I felt confident that this time, it was the right thing to do.

I’ve been lucky, as Lauren has since managed to find some time to now design a perfect logo for me.

See main image.

She is also redesigning my website.

I am so grateful to Lauren for her brilliant visual design skills.

Having her own vision of what I’m creating – and bringing it to life – has re-injected excitement into me as well.

Like a creative collaboration, I suppose.

I wanted to share this with you, because I know there are many perfectionists amongst us.

And so this is an example of hitting ‘go’ long before perfection, just to get things moving.

There are rules. And then there is space to ignore them and do whatever feels right in the moment.

Annie x

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