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Hello, I’m Annie Ridout, founder of Raise your SQ™ (coaching, self-development and spirituality).

And author of Raise your SQ: Transform your life with spiritual intelligence. 

A bit about my background:

I’ve been running online businesses since 2015, around young children, and I’ve ticked off almost all of my ‘big dreams’…

  • Secured three non-fiction book deals.
  • Been chosen to ghostwrite a book for a celebrity.
  • Been commissioned to write articles for the Guardian, Telegraph, Red Magazine, Forbes, Grazia, the Independent and more.
  • Written poetry that has gone viral (after being shared by Paloma Faith, Busy Philipps and thousands of other wonderful women).
  • Been featured on Woman’s Hour, in all the nationals and in most glossy women’s magazines.

But I’ve also burnt out, twice.

So now, as a qualified and experienced life and career coach, I support people who are looking to make a change in their life.

And make sure they are thinking about body, mind and spirit, while moving towards those big, exciting goals and dreams.

As a coach, I’ve been featured in…

What is SQ?

SQ stands for ‘spiritual quotient’, but I prefer ‘spiritual intelligence’. 

The higher your SQ, the more spiritually connected you are.

Spirit, to me, is an energy all around us that you can access, and lean on, but that you can’t necessarily see, hear, touch, taste.

Some people call that energy ‘God’ or ‘Mother Earth’, ‘Source’ or something else.

But with spirituality, there are no rules. Take what works; leave what doesn’t.

Scientifically proven to work

Spiritual tools and practices (meditation, breathwork and prayer, for instance) are now proven by science to help people to feel better in themselves, more connected to one another and to achieve greater success.

It’s wild. And wonderful. And so very, very accessible (many spiritual rituals are completely free).

If you’re interested in hearing more, you can read my book, or listen to it on Audible.

Here are some SQ tools I use in the workplace:

  • Manifestation techniques to get clear on what I want and create steps towards it.
  • Oracle and tarot cards for decision-making.
  • Magic spells for growth and success.
  • I call on deities to support and guide me.
  • Do breathwork to go into my subconscious and unlock answers.
  • Gemstones for a moment’s peace.

    Now – through my work as an author, journalist, coach and entrepreneur – I’m on a mission to teach others how to raise their SQ and feel better in body/mind/spirit (and the workplace).

    Annie x